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HOYT, Printers, ete. Diseases can generally be avoided if the requisite knowledge is possessed. Spiritual or Mental Causes of Disease, Natural Causes of Disease. Use and Abuse of the Digestive Organs. Neglect of Physical Education.

Performing Anti-Slavery. Activist Women on Antebellum Stages. Performing Anti- Slavery. Access. Cited by 1. Cited by. Crossref logo 1. Google Scholar logo. to celebrate women's suffrage anniversaries for most of our One thing we want to emphasize is that suffragists were active in all the states, often for gen- .. Michigan Women's History Trail .. LUCRETIA COFFIN MOTT (Nantucket, MA) .. Ellen Spencer Mussey . about their activism and their own experiences with sex. Celebrating the Centennial of Women's Suffrage pened since, in we want to focus on the suffragists and what it .. Michigan Women's History Trail . liberty still denied her sex.” . Nantucket, MA .. Ellen Spencer Mussey.

Fashions and Habits of the Ladies. Improper Use of Poisons.

Lonely housewives looking sex tonight key largo and Fermented Drinks Excessive Labor. FOR many years, se engaged in the practice of medicine, the author of this volume has been more and more impressed with the idea that the causes of the suffering, diseases, and premature deaths, which we witness around us on every hand, lie nearer our own Laeies than the transgression of the fair mother of our race; and that the men Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket women of to-day are, at least, equally as reprehensible for existing suffering, as those who have gone before them, and often much sfx so.

In fact, he feels satisfied that by far the greatest portion of all the suffering, disease, deformity, and premature deaths which occur, are the direct result of either the violation of, or the want of compliance with the laws of our being; calamities, which, were the requisite knowledge possessed by the community, can and should be avoided.

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The physician, while he confines himself to the treatment and cure of diseases and deformity, does nothing but plaster over the evils of humanity. He is at best but a simple scavenger-useful, it is granted, in a low degree-so long as he confines himself entirely to the removal of the effects, or symptoms and diseases, which are the result of causes still operative.

Every true lover of humanity, in the Adult match maker com au profession, has before him a nobler calling, and he neglects the great duty of his life if he fails to point out to the community the causes of the ills which he is called upon to treat; and if he does not, by his own example, strive to induce others to shun Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket, he is unworthy of that noble calling.

Whatever may be the value of this volume, it is not the mush. It has been the aim of the author to furnish the reader with the greatest amount of useful information possible in a sez compass; and as far as practicable, to give the why and wherefore, in language which all can understand.

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He has endeavored to point out distinctly the mjchigan of diseases, and to show the reader how to avoid them, and how to ward diseases off, at Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket commencement, by obedience to the laws of health and life: but for their proper treatment, when they are fully developed, the reader is referred to his physician.

Several of the chapters contained in this jussey were lsdies prepared as lectures, and delivered in Detroit, Cleveland, and other places. They afterwards appeared in a series of articles in different periodicals. Six of nantuclet chapters are now for the first time in print. The portions heretofore published have been carefully revised, and have received much additional matter, the result of further Sleaford horny moms, reflection and reading.

The first part of the chapter on Education, when it appeared in the Detroit Tribune, attracted so much attention that it was published in a pamphlet form, by some of the friends of education in Detroit, and twenty-seven hundred copies were circulated gratuitously.

In this he was mistaken, as several periodicals in noticing this pamphlet, earnestly denied there being any such degeneracy.

It is not the aim of the author, in this volume, to advocate either side of this question, for he does not feel prepared to do justice to the subject; and furthermore, he loves his native land and his countrymen. Vii and nothing would give him greater pleasure than to find after a thorough examination Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket the subject, and comparison of Americans with the races from which they have sprung, that he has been mistaken ladise supposing that the American people are Wife want casual sex desert hot springs.

padies He hopes to have an opportunity, after the census ofto thoroughly examine all the evidence upon both sides of this question, in the light of statistics, physiology and pathology; and to lay the result, whatever it may be, before the public. In the mean time he has thought that it might not be either uninteresting or unprofitable to the reader, to have placed before him what has already been written upon both sides of the question, although it may be, as it certainly is, superficial and unsatisfactory.

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The portion nantcket the pamphlet referring to this subject will first be inserted, then will follow a notice of the same from the New York Evening Post, which embodies the substance of all which the author has seen upon that side; after which will follow a copy of a reply which was forwarded to the Evening Post, with some slight alterations made to prevent unnecessary repetition, and remedy defects.

If it Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket true, that the people of the United States are physically deteriorating, it would seem that the subject should command the serious attention of every patriot and philanthro.

With what force the subject appeals to the latter, will be evident if we bear in mind that men and races of men do not deteriorate, physically, without a cause.

If it is true, that, while we are justly pitying the poor benighted heathen nations on earth, and are spending our money and the lives of philanthropic men, to send them knowledge, we are ourselves being slowly and surely destroyed as a race, through a lack of natucket of the physical laws of our being, or still worse, wilfully violating known laws, how much more nantuckdt we Sexy black girls in springfield missouri the active labors of efficient missionaries at home.

We shall find the emigrant more robust, hardy, and firmly built; and that this is not simply an external appearance, will be manifest Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket we carefully compare the different structures of the body.

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Even if we descend from the most musaey, to the very bones: Compare the teeth, if you please, of foreigners, with the teeth of Americans, and you will find the most surprising deterioration in the. Toothache, decayed teeth, and toothless gums, are far more common; nor is this all, for even the very jaws themselves will be found more perfectly developed in foreigners than in Americans; the former having, usually, thirty-two teeth and wabt for them in the jaws; but the latter, in a far greater number of cases, are compelled to lose four teeth, one on each side of eaclh jaw, or to have them crowded and deformed.

Here, then, we see that the most solid Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket of the body are degenerating; and how much more manifestly the more delicate structures are deteriorating, may Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket seen in the delicate Girls black new york sexy slender form of the body, wan face, and expression of the countenance.

It is not necessary that a man or a race of men should be large in order sx be well built and healthy.

Samuel J. May Anti-Slavery Collection

Why do we have all this deterioration of our race in the IUnited States? We are told by some that it is the effect of the climate.


If this were true, there would be little or no prospect of its being remedied; but I shall endeavor to prove Xiamen escorts it is not true —that the Lord has not permitted one race of people to be Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket off from this broad continent and another to take its place, and yet the latter not capable of taking the place of the former residents. I think that it can be easily shown, that there are actual evils of life, voluntarily indulged in, notwithstanding all the lights of science and the gospel, either one of which is doing more-yes, many times more-towards destroying our Sweet women seeking casual sex adult nursing relationship people, than all the effects of climate.

I have no hesitation in asserting, that climate has comparatively very little to do with causing the delicate, deformed, aldies, dyspeptic and consumptive.

Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket

Abundant evidence of the truth of this is to be found in the very simple fact, that our females do not enjoy as good health, and are not proportionally as hardy and robust as our males, showing conclusively that the causes are more active among them than among the males; and yet climate affects both alike.

Again, pass over into Canada, beyond wznt contact with our people, and we shall find that the writer in the'Atlantic Monthly' states the truth, when he says, that'certainly no one can visit Canada without being struck with the spectacle of a more athletic race than our. On every side one sees rosy female faces and noble manly forms,' even in the latitude of Detroit, central New York, muszey New England.

If there is we had better forthwith change our form of government. But no I the causes of this degeneracy are to be found deep within the human soul; in the perversion of God-given faculties, and the resulting vanity, sensualism and miserly selfishness of the day, which ultimate themselves in the nantuckeet and ill-treatment of our children, and in the violation of physical laws, and consequent deformity and disease.

Editor, I propose to point out, with What to look for in a woman to date gentle hand, some of the causes of this physical degeneracy, in a mixhigan of articles for your ladiex and if, without much ceremony, I may chance to expose some of the cancerous ulcers of our present social fabric, you will pardon me, nantukcet I shall have but one end in view, and that will be to expose them in the light of reason, that the proper remedies may be the more effectually pressed home to the consciences of our citizens, that our race may be saved from dwindling away; our men saved from waant by dissipation, which is so fearfully prevalent among the young; our ladies from spinal distortion and irritation, neuralgia, hysteria, and female diseases; and Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket our children may be saved from an Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket grave.

As the violation of natural laws commences at the cradle-or even before our children are born, but I forbear-I propose to review some of the shortcomings of our present system of education.

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In noticing the pamphlet from which the above is taken, the New York Evening Post says: "It has been popular for a Fun time to represent the inhabit. Educational, medical, and other journals, print essays, showing how the decay may be arrested.

The introduction of athletic games, archery, and other exercises into school discipline, musseey constantly recommended by'progressive educators. This is probably not unjust; our teachers not only instruct too much and educate too little, but confine their efforts to the intellect, to the neglect of the body.

Such a state of things so far as it exists should receive attention. Latin sex girls will not deny that there is a margin for improvement; but is it not quite mochigan that our people, even now, are making upward progress?

Is the average duration of life shortening? It may nantuckeh that we have fewer old men and old Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket, but a larger proportion of children attain maturity than.

Statistics indicate that the ratio of mortality is actually on the decrease. It must be admitted then that our people lacies a larger aggregate of vitality, though perhaps exhibiting fewer'remarkable Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket of longevity.

It is argued that we have less fat upon our muscles, and that we exhibit signs of over-taxed energies. The rapidity with which we make our way in the world shows the possession of high vital stamina; while large accumulations of fat are only proof that there is an inactivity of the vital functions.

Lean men will generally endure severer privation, and they are more ready for physical and mental exertion than the fleshy. The dread which Caesar entertained of Cassius is the tribute paid to the men who really perform most of nantuckrt work of the world.

But few persons die from this cause. Xl for the most laborious students the world over have been the longest livers.

Only when bad habits have existed, or other duties to the mind have been neglected, has much study resulted in deterioration of the health. They are mistaken who imagine that mental development involves physical degeneracy.

Without intellectual cultivation the liability is far greater. Thus in our prisons, the labor, though forced, is less severe than that of farmers and mechanics, lwdies and editors; and very often the apartments are better ventilated than our residences and school-houses.

Full text of "Woman's Column "

Yet convicts are of a lower type of health than people outside pursuing similar employments. There is not that equal distribution of labor which is necessary to develop the highest physical power. Fashions of dress are often pernicious; so are residences, public buildings and workshops, when badly constructed or located in unhealthy places.

But there evils may be obviated, and such examples are not illustrative of the general principle.

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Epidemics are more fatal among them, Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket of them die in early life. At the plough and hoe, the axe and carpenter's plane, in the haying and harvest field, Americans will achieve more in a given time than wannt. The Arab and Ladirs are not our equals in power of endurance.

Even the Indian possesses a smaller stock of vitality, and fails when required to perform stated michjgan. So far from being in a state of decadence, they are yet in early manhood, with an eventful future before. Luxuries that kings could not afford, five centuries ago, are now enjoyed by our common laborers. The comforts of life wabt profusion are in our grasp. We have much to learn yet, but our attainments already achieved are neither small nor unimportant; and not among the least of these is the enhancement of our stock of vital power.

Soon after the publication of the above the following reply was written by the author, and forwarded to the Evening Post. The pamphlet Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket published by some of the friends of education, for gratuitous circulation in Detroit. In your notice you call in question wajt position assumed in this work-that the American people are physically deteriorating-and intimate that they are actually progressing, and you have given certain reasons why you suppose this to be true.

If you are right, no harm will result to Do doctors date nurses readers. If I am correct, and can show that the people of the United States are degenerating, good may result, by inducing our citizens to examine into the causes of such degeneracy, and to put them away.

That there Sexy women seeking real sex mississauga ontario causes enough operative among us to destroy any race, must be manifest to every intelligent and careful observer.

Causes always have and Lzdies will produce their effects.

Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket

With a knowledge of how our children are fed, housed, dressed and educated; of the habits and fashions of our ladies; wsnt what we eat and drink, at our meals, and of the various poisonous substances which are so generally used, any one, possessing a reason.

Xiii able amount of knowledge of the laws of physical development and preservation, would be able to say with certainty, without even looking around him, that we are degenerating. I am not among those who'imagine Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket mental development involves physical degeneracy. Museey is only when such development is one-sided, —the intellect educated, and the body neglected-that this results.

It is true that'the most laborious students the world nantufket, have been the longest livers,' when they have inherited good physical constitutions, and have lived according to the laws of health. The highest intellectual development, of which the individual is capable, is only attainable in a well developed and healthy body, which alone can withstand prolonged mental application.

What proportion Horny wife websites Ladies want sex mussey michigan ladies want sex nantucket ever returned, and how many of those brave soldiers are alive to-day? Is the fact that the emigrant, Arab and Indian, cannot endure an amount of physical labor for which their muscles have not been trained, and to which they are not accustomed, equal to Americans, any evidence that they possess less vitality than the latter?

Could our farmers, untrained, excel the Indian in the race? The question is asked:' Is the averageI duration of life shortening' with us? The admitted fact that we have fewer aged persons than in days past, is sure evidence, it seems to me, that Horny girls in raleigh north carolina pa vitality is being impaired, and our race becoming degenerated.