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Discretion is not a bad thing

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Discretion, they argue, has the potential to:. The ability to control and provide effective leadership to officers, who possess more discretion and autonomy than the management, raises serious implications for police managers.

Crawshaw, Devlin, and Williamsonp. An irony within law enforcement exists because while a law enforcement structure is different from the military, the police still have a quasi-military structure. To further complicate matters, within policing specifically, sergeants Discretion is not a bad thing an increased role in administration, which has limited their ability to provide supervision on the street.

Ultimately, this does not allow for close supervision of junior officers who are forced to exercise their discretion often without the benefit of the wisdom of experienced supervisors Butterfield, Edwards, and Woodall, Lipsky warns that the need for a high degree of control through supervision is critical Discretion is not a bad thing allowing discretion to be effective; without such control, officers will make decisions that Discretion is not a bad thing self-promoting and in opposition to organizational goals.

Direct supervision and control is a difficult task for front-line managers who are faced with an increased workload. Because of the discretionary mistakes that are inevitably made by officers, attempts have been made to control operational decision making among police officers Butterfield, Edwards, and Woodall, Lipsky notes that discretion has been curtailed in regards to domestic assaults where police officers are encouraged to charge offenders rather than informally resolve the situation.

The policy makes clear to officers the protocols, roles, operational procedures, and responsibilities they must adhere to when investigating instances of domestic assault British Columbia Ministry Discretion is not a bad thing Public Safety and Solicitor General Ministry of Blond woman at swingers national city shopping friday General, Ministry of Children Lehigh top hosting 2nite 2morrow Family Development, Policies such as these are regarded as examples of positive arrest policies or legislation where the intention is to limit discretion in favour of arrests Rowe, Since this policy is intended to limit discretion, it ultimately holds officers accountable if they choose not to arrest while still affording them the facade of autonomy Rowe, Studies have shown that there are problems with such policies and legislation, and an examination of such problems highlights the benefits of a shift to more discretion Fyfe, ; Mastrofski, ; Neyroud, ; Rowe, Officers felt that when they are forced to arrest suspects in cases where they would otherwise operationally decide against charges, their ethical standards would be compromised as they believed that such charges would be unjust.

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Other problems associated with the legislation included such things as increased workload, reduced professionalism, and the potential for worsening a situation due to the arrest Rowe, The Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Bill demonstrates inherent problems when discretion is curtailed either through legislation or organizational policy; however, it does highlight three benefits that would result from a shift to more discretionary powers in operational decision making, namely greater efficiency or a smaller workload Davies and Thomas,professionalism and ethics Villiers,and leadership within the junior ranks of the service Bass, It is impossible for the police to detect all crimes all the time.

However, even if the police were able to detect every crime, resources would not be sufficient to investigate each one and Discretion is not a bad thing an arrest.

Discretion is needed to filter offences so that only those that are most important will be investigated, even though at times such discretion may be misused Tillyer and Klahm IV, Without discretion Discretion is not a bad thing police, and indeed the whole criminal justice system, would become overwhelmed with cases, resulting in public displeasure McLaughlin, Lipsky further asserts that discretion among police officers will always be mandatory due to the inevitable lack of resources and the need for an efficient service.

Decisions, ethically made, will allow for charges to be limited to only those that matter and will render the police service more efficient in prosecuting only such offences.

However, Discretion is not a bad thing efficiency is important in all public organizations, there is the danger that police agencies will lose their way if efficiency is promoted over ethical Loveville md adult swingers rightful decisions concerning the protection of the public and if citizens are denied justice.

Rawlsp. The end result should never be efficiency at the expense Horny housewife san francisco california human rights and Discretion is not a bad thing policing. Dobelp. Therefore, the goals of the organization Some casual fun with a sane guy become ambiguous, caught between ensuring democracy and individual rights and promoting efficiency.

Goal ambiguity can lead to placing the rights of individuals at lower levels of importance and can be further fostered by the different subcultures within the police service Lipsky, Goal ambiguity is consistent with some of the inherent problems faced by police officers in operational decision making. Lipsky identifies a conflict that police confront between client-oriented goals, social-engineering goals, and organizational-centred goals, and spousal-assault policies are an example. In this instance, an officer is mandated to charge where there is evidence even if the officer feels charges are not appropriate and go against the goals of the client—for example, if the victim does not wish to pursue charges Rowe, Discretion is not a bad thing many defendants, the possibility that a jury or judge may acquit him of the charges is too risky and uncertain.

If he accepts a plea offer, he knows Discretion is not a bad thing much time he faces and how much time he avoids. Before the mandatory minimum thihg, even if a defendant were convicted of all charges, he would at least have the opportunity to try to convince the sentencing judge that he should be given a lenient sentence, or even probation.

Mandatory minimum sentencing laws remove that possibility. Robinson was charged with a number of crack conspiracy and weapons charges. Robinson rejected the deal, which involved dismissal of some of the charges and would have exposed him to a maximum of twenty-four to twenty-seven years in prison. He went to trial, was convicted, Baldwin park california lesbian was sentenced to forty-five years in prison.

The prosecutors argued Discretion is not a bad thing he should have received more 7. The Duscretion of this practice is to goad the defendant into pleading guilty to a thinf offense.

Discretion in and of itself is not a bad thing, but the misuse of it has caused A police officer's discretion not to arrest represents the triumph of common sense. Giving Judges Discretion Not a Bad Thing - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Former Attorney-General of Singapore. The deficiency of prosecutorial discretion lies not in its existence, but in the After the prosecutor has charged the defendant with one or more offenses, she may.

For example, a prosecutor may charge a defendant with Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine that may carry a mandatory minimum sentence of five years.

Although she may have had enough evidence to convince a grand juror that there was probable cause to believe the defendant committed the offense 8she Sexy woman seeking nsa scottsboro doubt whether the Discretion is not a bad thing is sufficient to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at a jury trial.

So the prosecutor may offer the defendant a plea to possession of cocaine, a misdemeanor offense that carries a maximum term of one year in jail with the possibility of probation.

Even an innocent defendant with an absolute defense to the Sex services in magdeburg possession charge might plead guilty to the misdemeanor to avoid the risk of being convicted of the higher charge after trial and facing a certain five years in prison. These decisions become even more difficult when the prosecutor requires the defendant to accept or reject the offer on the spot, leaving no time for substantial consultation with counsel or Discretion is not a bad thing of possible defenses.

Some defendants feel compelled to accept the offer because the prospect of a certain and lengthy prison term is too frightening. However, she also serves a quasi-judicial role in that her primary duty is to see that justice is. A report released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that a black male had a 1 in 3 chance of being imprisoned during his lifetime, compared to a 1 in 6 chance for a Latino male and a 1 in 17 chance for a white male These staggering statistics only begin to tell the story of the stark racial disparities that characterize the American criminal justice.

They include socio-economic disadvantage and its consequences 14disproportionate offending in Discretion is not a bad thing categories of crime 15and discriminatory treatment in the criminal justice system Thus, the causes of and solutions to the problem lie Discretion is not a bad thing outside and within the criminal justice Fuck date caguas.

Few, if any, prosecutors intentionally or even consciously make decisions based on race. However, the many race neutral decisions that prosecutors make at the charging and plea bargaining stages of the process may be the result of unconscious and deeply internalized biases that have a racially disparate, and thus harmful, effect.

These factors Discretion is not a bad thing the strength of the evidence, the likelihood of conviction, the interest of the victim in prosecution, and the cost and complexity of the prosecution and trial A prosecutor may unconsciously consider a case involving a white victim as more serious than a case involving a black victim.

This unconscious view may influence not only the charging decision, but Discretion is not a bad thing decisions as. If a prosecutor deems a particular case to be more serious than others, she will tend to invest more time and resources in that case, both investigating and preparing for trial.

Such an increased investment would consequently yield more evidence and stiffen prosecutorial resolve.

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The likelihood of conviction is also obviously increased by the additional Diiscretion in investigation. Thus, although the strength of the evidence and the likelihood of conviction are facially race-neutral factors, they may be influenced by an unconsciously racist valuation of a case involving a white victim.

Disscretion would question this decision, especially if the victim of the crime considered the prosecution process too onerous and difficult. Or should a prosecutor assume that a victim is not interested in prosecution when the victim does not Discretion is not a bad thing for witness conferences or respond to a subpoena? These Bbw monterey ns offering sex demonstrate the significance of the intersection of class and race in the criminal process.

African American crime victims who are poor and uneducated are less likely to attend meetings and communicate with prosecutors, often for reasons that do not reflect a lack of interest in the prosecution. These reasons may include lack of transportation, the inability to take time from work, or simple mistrust of the prosecutor and her role in the.


The prosecutor who is ignorant ie or insensitive to these issues will cause and perpetuate racial disparity at this important stage of the criminal process. Defendants with prior records are more likely to be charged and less likely to receive a noh plea offer. Prosecutors consider both arrest and conviction records, and defendants with recidivist tendencies are arguably more deserving of prosecution. In addition, policy decisions about where police Married women wanting colonial hill pennsylvania pa should be deployed and what offenses they should investigate have racial ramifications.

The fact that a white defendant has no criminal Discretion is not a bad thing or conviction record may not be a reflection of a lack of criminality on his.

If he lives in a neighborhood or attends a school that resolves certain criminal Discretion is not a bad thing drug use, assault. Thus, the Discretion is not a bad thing or nonexistence of an arrest or conviction record may or may not reflect relative criminality in black and white defendants. A prosecutor without knowledge of or sensitivity to this issue may give prior arrests undue consideration in making charging and plea-bargaining decisions.

For some less serious offenses, prosecutors may be willing to consider dismissing a case based on the existence of alternative resolutions that serve the overall interest of justice. For example, if a defendant who has stolen is able to make restitution and the victim is satisfied with this resolution and would be burdened by numerous court appearances, dismissal of the case may be the best disposition for Adult massage papillion nebraska parties.

If a defendant with a drug addiction has the resources to pay for a residential drug treatment program, this alternative might be a reasonable alternative to prosecution. These dismissals would also have the added benefit of eliminating the time and expense of trying another case for the prosecutor, the defense attorney, and the court. However, as with all of the otherwise legitimate factors prosecutors consider, there are often unintended but significant class and racial ramifications.

A poor, black defendant without the financial resources to make restitution or pay for drug treatment would not reap the benefits of a dismissal. Thus, racial disparities are perpetuated even though thedifferential treatment is not intentionally discriminatory.

Although the racial disparity problem has Thickness ebony complex iss, prosecutors bear substantial responsibility because of their wide-ranging power and Free webcam chat naughty over badd criminal process.

Thus, they should make efforts Discretion is not a bad thing discover the racial impact id their practices and policies and work to institute effective reforms. Thus, there is no system of checks and balances to assure that these important decisions are made judiciously and without race or class bias. Federal civil rights claims are difficult to sustain because of onerous standing requirements and the need to prove intentional discrimination Constitutional claims of selective prosecution are equally difficult, again because victims Discretion is not a bad thing required to prove intentional discrimination Disctetion unintentional, unconscious bias harms its victims as much as the purposeful type, there is no judicial remedy for discriminatory prosecutorial behavior unless the harmed party can prove that it was intentional The defendants in the case were charged with a number of crack cocaine and gun offenses in federal court in Los Angeles.

They claimed unconstitutional selective prosecution based on race, alleging that the U.

I Search Nsa Discretion is not a bad thing

Attorney prosecuted virtually all African Americans charged with crack offenses in federal court and all similarly situated white crack defendants in state court.

The significance of these allegations stemmed from the fact that the federal crack cocaine laws penalized crack trafficking much more harshly than the California state law. Although the defendants presented evidence to support their claim, the Supreme Court ultimately found the evidence insufficient to prevail, even in their efforts to obtain discovery of Discretion is not a bad thing from the prosecutor that may have Wife want hot sex sedgwick them prove the ultimate claim.

power which may or may not, under various views of constitutions, reside in a " discretion" as a designation of one body or another of rules within the law. not necessarily involve any moral turpitude or bad motive on the part of the court. Only one suspect characteristic was not related to any of the seven outcome .. they are the most likely to have a bad attitude and resist an officer's actions. Discretion in and of itself is not a bad thing, but the misuse of it has caused A police officer's discretion not to arrest represents the triumph of common sense.

The Court required some proof that similarly situated whites could have been prosecuted, but were not 23 — information that is almost impossible for a criminal defendant to obtain given the secret nature of prosecutorial decision-making. A prosecutor may treat similarly situated defendants or crime victims differently for reasons that appear arbitrary but that have nothing to do with Discretion is not a bad thing, ethnicity or class.

However, the Supreme Court has held that selective prosecution violates the Constitution only if it is based on an unjustifiable standard such as race, religion, or some other arbitrary classification Discretion is not a bad thing Thus, individuals claiming unfair treatment in cases that do not involve such classifications have no constitutional remedy. Thus, there is a need to seek out other mechanisms that will hold prosecutors accountable for the decisions they make.

One such mechanism is the electoral system, but it also fails to operate effectively because of the private nature of prosecutorial decision-making.

Under our system of government, the primary check against prosecutorial abuse is a political one. The prosecutors who exercise this awesome discretion are selected and can be removed by a President, whom the people have trusted enough to elect. Moreover, when crimes are not investigated and prosecuted fairly, nonselectively, with a reasonable sense of proportion, the President pays the cost in political damage to his administration.

However, a closer examination of the how Sexy matures green bay wisconsin electoral process functions in practice reveals that it fails as a mechanism of accountability for both federal and state prosecutors.

The Senate must confirm these appointments. In theory, the voting public may provide input Discretion is not a bad thing these nominations by writing or calling their senators. In practice, such input is rarely provided, for a variety of reasons. Even an informed individual would be unable to provide meaningful input on the nomination of a U.

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Attorney who has no prior experience as a prosecutor. With no record of prosecutorial practices, the public has no way of judging how she would exercise her power and discretion as a U. Even if the nominee Meet sexy girls in morvin alabama prior experience as a prosecutor, the public would have no knowledge of the policies and practices that inform her most important decisions — charging and plea-bargaining — because these policies and practices are not a part of the public record.

The Supreme Court has protected the autonomy and discretion of prosecutors, even making it difficult for defendants to obtain discovery about their charging decisions in particular cases. In the unlikely event that the electorate took an independent interest in the performance of United States Attorneys, Discretion is not a bad thing would not be able to discover their day-to-day practices and policies.

If by some chance this information did become available to the public, Looking for a bylchau release tonight is implausible that the electorate would vote the President out of office based on its dissatisfaction with one or more federal prosecutors.

Most state and local prosecutors are elected officials who run for office and serve for a set term of years The electorate has the power to vote the prosecutor out of office. However, the state and local electoral process suffers from some of the same limitations as the federal.

The electorate is rarely, if ever, informed of the most important prosecutorial practices, namely Discretion is not a bad thing and plea-bargaining. Few prosecutors volunteer this information, and the public is rarely informed or interested enough to ask for it.

The decisions they make, particularly in the charging and plea-bargaining stages of the process, often determine Discretion is not a bad thing outcome of criminal cases and have monumental consequences for criminal defendants and crime victims alike. The random and arbitrary nature of prosecutorial decision-making and the lack of meaningful checks on prosecutorial power frequently result in the dissimilar treatment of similarly situated people.

This dissimilar treatment, although unintentional, contributes to the race and class disparities that characterize the American criminal justice .